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April 25, 2012


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All plushes are minky with applique eyes and cutie marks, unless otherwise agreed upon.

"Starting prices" are listed for all types of plushes. "Starting prices" are defined as the price for the most basic pony of that kind. I start from my base pony price and add charges according to how difficult the character is to make. Design elements that add complexity such as difficult or multicolored manes, body markings, and modifications to the basic pattern will add cost. For a full and amusing rundown on what makes ponies plushable or not, check out Nazegoreng's amazing guide here: - it truly says everything!


Starting Prices for Standard Size MARES (14 inches)
:bulletred: 250$ for unicorns and earth ponies
 Vinyl Scratch! by fireflytwinkletoes Applejack by fireflytwinkletoes Autumn by fireflytwinkletoes Pinkie Pie by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletorange: 275$ for pegasi with open, folded or half-folded wings (princess wings are extra)
Fluttershy by fireflytwinkletoes Elsapony by fireflytwinkletoes Cloudchaser by fireflytwinkletoes Derpcessorize! by fireflytwinkletoes 

:bulletyellow: 280$ for alicorn OCs that are the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTIONS as my regular ponies(i.e. regular mare/stallion type body, only with both wings and a horn).

    I get so many questions about these ponies that I will list their prices here. 
         :bulletpink: Pinkie Pie - $260
         :bulletpurple: Rarity - $280
         :bulletyellow: Fluttershy - $285
         :bulletwhite: Twilight Sparkle (wingless) - $270
         :bulletorange: Applejack WITH HAT - $290
         :bulletblue: Rainbow Dash - $325 (the mane hikes the price)
         :bulletwhite: Derpy Hooves - $275
         :bulletblue: Vinyl Scratch - $290 ($310 with glasses)
         :bulletyellow: Spitfire - $290 ($315 with goggles)
         :bulletpurple: Princess Twilight (open wings) $310
         :bulletpink: Foalsitter Cadance (open wings) $325

Starting Prices for normal bodied STALLIONS (16" to the top of the head, bulkier than mares, Dr. Whooves type physique)
The 4th Doctor Whooves by fireflytwinkletoes Braeburn by fireflytwinkletoes Sugar Rush by fireflytwinkletoes Firebolt by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletred: 270$ for unicorns and earth ponies
:bulletorange: 295$ for pegasi with open, folded or half-folded wings (princess wings are extra)
:bulletyellow: 300$ for alicorn OCs that are the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTIONS as my regular ponies(i.e. regular mare/stallion type body, only with both wings and a horn).
Note that stallions with different body types (Big Mac, Shining Armor, Snowflake, Mr. Cake, Cheese Sandwich and so on) will be priced differently.

Changelings - I do have a separate pattern for the Changeling Drone that I am quite proud of. However, the holey legs make them much more difficult than your standard pony, and are accordingly more expensive. Simple Changelings with holes, shell, wings and associated details start at $300. Accessories like armor and so on will increase the price.
The Sweetest Changeling by fireflytwinkletoes

Starting Prices for Laying Ponies (Same proportions as regular mares, 10" to the top of the head and 18" from hooftip to hooftip)
Trixie and Trick Shot by fireflytwinkletoes Flashlight by fireflytwinkletoes Laying Chryssie by fireflytwinkletoes
    :bulletred: $265 for earth ponies and unicorns
    :bulletblue: $290 for pegasi (they take quite a bit more fabric and effort to make the wings)
    :bulletred: $295 for alicorn OCs that are the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTIONS as my regular ponies.
    :bulletblue: $350 for sitting princesses

Starting Prices for Sitting Ponies (10" to the top of the head)
Fireworks! by fireflytwinkletoes Tiara Colour by fireflytwinkletoes Dazzle Shine (Contest Prize) by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletblue: $210 for earth ponies and unicorns
:bulletred: $220 for pegasi with small, filly style wings or closed wings
:bulletblack: $240 for pegasi with larger, posable wings (open or half-folded)
As always, these are the starting prices and subject to change with level of complexity.

Starting Prices for Fillies (10 inches)
Sweet Cinnamon Pancakes by fireflytwinkletoes Autumn Oak by fireflytwinkletoes Echo by fireflytwinkletoes The Littlest Foalsitter by fireflytwinkletoes Babs Seed by fireflytwinkletoes 
:bulletred: Simple Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi: 155$
:bulletyellow: Royal Fillies (including crown, shoes and necklace): 215$
Filluna by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletgreen: 15$ charge for adding cutie marks

Princesses are BY FAR the most complicated ponies that I make. They require an awful lot of fabric, and an even more awful amount of work. I get a lot of questions about pricing, so I've finally decided to post prices here. Princesses are difficult enough that I don't really want to be making them all the time. Any alicorn or princess-type OC pony that is similarly (or more) complicated will be priced accordingly. The price given is the one I would charge for either Celestia or Luna - depending on mane complexity and level of detail for a character, the price may change.

:bulletblue: $500 for 16" princesses
CANTERLOT ROYAL VOICE by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletorange: $700 for huge 24" princesses
Princess of the Night by fireflytwinkletoes Princess Celestia V2 by fireflytwinkletoes

Shipping for these ponies varies a lot. It is usually under $60 for shipping within North America, but the one time I sent one of these babies overseas, it was a $180 shipping endeavor.

Starting Prices AND DIFFERENT RULES for Mini Ponies
Minis will not be taken as regular commissions - I will post special commission journals when I am willing to take on mini commissions.
Bubblepop Mini by fireflytwinkletoes The Fanciest and Miniest of Pants by fireflytwinkletoes Collateral Damage Mini by fireflytwinkletoes Flutterbat Mini by fireflytwinkletoes Pinkamini Diane Pie by fireflytwinkletoes Palmtop Scootaloo by fireflytwinkletoes
  • The base price is $90, covers a SIMPLE minipony earth pony, pegasus, unicorn or alicorn in filly style (with eyes/expression of your choice)
  • The following things are extra (note me for a quote):
  • Cutie marks (which may need to be simplified at this size - i.e. one butterfly on each of Fluttershy's flanks instead of three)
  • Complicated hair, especially with many colors
  • Body patterning (which must be simple to be doable in this format)
  • Accessories
  • I will not do princesses with regalia, or any clothes (other than simple accessories) at this size because I value my sanity
  • These commissions will not be randomly drawn like my regular ones. They will be selected on a "this project interests me and therefore I will choose to do it" basis.
  • The full price must be paid up front before I start, so that I am able to work on them between other projects when I have time.
  • Shipping for minis is $10 in North America or $13 overseas.

     :bulletgreen: OCs are welcome (I love making OCs)
          :bulletblack: I will need a good clear drawing of your OC and cutie mark
     :bulletblue: Wild, difficult, multi-colored or very poofy manes and tails will add to the base price.
     :bulletgreen: Changes in pattern will add to the base price
     :bulletblue: Clothes are extra, and pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis.

     :bulletpink: Shipping to the US and Canada
          :bulletpurple: I use standard Canada Post shipping by default (2 weeks to most places in NA), tell me if you want faster shipping (more expensive)
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for fillies and sitting ponies is $15
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for full size ponies is $25, Laying ponies is $30
     :bulletpink: International Shipping
          :bulletpurple: I use Canada Post airmail shipping by default (2 weeks to most places). I no longer ship standard Canada Post Internationally - it takes too long and the longer the package is in transit, the greater the chance it will be lost.
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for fillies and sitting ponies is $20
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for full size ponies is $40, Laying ponies is $45


I require half payment a week in advance of starting your commission - I will not start the commission until your payment is confirmed!

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geckogeek9890 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
So how much would it cost to get my mare gecko in a sitting pose with poseable wings she is the pegasai on the left ^^…
SleepyEyedSunrise Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
So if I were to get plushies of Blossomforth and Cloudkicker sitting with smaller wings, they'd be around $440 for both? Or would Blossom be more expensive due to her double-coloured mane? ^w^
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Blossomforth would be a little more due to her multi-striped mane (Cloudkicker has two colors in her mane, but they're simply combined), but not much more.
SleepyEyedSunrise Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Ah, I hadn't noticed that, haha. I see, I'll have to get them at some point, they're my favourite's aside from Twilight.  ^w^
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'd especially love to make Blossomforth :D
SleepyEyedSunrise Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
As soon as I can, I'll put a commission in for her~ <3
StarryDiamond22 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How much would she be? In mini form? 
With the cutie mark and without it?…
BunnyFluffy Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
how much would it be for a zebra oc?
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'd really have to see the character to give you a quote, particularly since I haven't made a zebra yet and they vary so much in complexity depending on the patterning. Feel free to note me with a link to your character if you'd like a quote.
Vurren Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you ever be interested in trying on something non-pony?
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