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Submitted on
August 20, 2012


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Wheee! A thousand watchers! Thanks, you guys. Now, since I'd rather not just do a random giveaway for this momentous event, I'm going to have a contest. You'll actually have to do some work, you suckers! Bwahahahaha!

:bulletpurple: THE PRIZE: A filly plush of your choice WITH cutie marks OR one (ONE) accessory
     QUALIFIERS: You can't upgrade to a full size pony. If you wish to pay for additional accessories, they will be considered. Unless you wish to pay extra, the prize only covers decently simple fillies (what I mean is no Royal Fillies). Rainbow Dash is okay. OCs are okay. Colts are okay, too. The filly will be made with my standard 10 inch pattern in minky.

:bulletyellow: THE CATCH: You have to pay shipping. Sorry! ($15 within NA, $20 elsewhere)

:bulletred: THE CONTEST:  You must draw an inanimate object as a pony.

:bulletwhite: Your submission has to be recognizable as a pony.
:bulletblack: Cop-outs like 'He has a toaster as his cutie mark, so he's a Toaster Pony' will not do well in the judging process. You have to actually incorporate the idea of the inanimate object into your pony design somehow.
:bulletwhite: Your submission must be drawn for this contest.
:bulletblack: One submission per person.
:bulletwhite: There are lots of ideas to choose from! Be inventive! For the purposes of this contest, some things that 'move' will be considered inanimate objects, including plants, vehicles and other such mechanisms, celestial bodies, and your mom.
:bulletblack: Unless I get a TON of submissions, I'll just judge them myself based on creativity. Drawing skill is not a particular deciding factor.
:bulletwhite: Submissions must be SFW.
:bulletblack: Traditional art, scanned hand-drawn art, digital art, plushed submissions, macaroni art, and pretty much any other medium is acceptable. As long as I can actually see what it's supposed to be.
:bulletwhite: You have to be watching me.

Submissions will be accepted from the moment this is posted until September 5th at 9:00am PST. To submit to this contest, link me your submission in the comments below!


1. :iconartistic-bliss: :bulletblue: Mustang for contest by Artistic-Bliss

2. :iconsophie-the-great13: :bulletpink: MLP Contest Entry by Sophie-The-Great13

3. :iconoback-barama: :bulletwhite: :thumb322398337:

4. :iconavahlyn: :bulletpink: Toilet Roll pony :3 by Avahlyn

5. :iconducttoast: :bulletred: The Exciting Adventures of Ottopony! by DuctToast

6. :iconrevenantswrath: :bulletpurple:

7. :icontreez123: :bulletyellow: Pancakes by treez123

8. :iconsupahninjakitty: :bulletred: Postal Pony by SupahNinjaKitty

9. :iconayearie: :bulletblue: Bath Plug by Ayearie

10. :icon01xander: :bulletpurple: square filly rairty by 01xander

11. :iconpikawolf18: :bulletgreen: Christmas Tree Pony! by PikaWolf18

12. :iconairidesi: :bulletwhite: Pixar Pony by Airidesi

13. :iconxxshino-tenshixx: :bulletred: Contest Entry 4 FireFlyTwinkleToes by xXShino-TenshiXx

14. :iconcurious-case-of-cas: :bulletorange: :thumb322623466:

15. :iconthe-cowboy-smuggler: :bulletyellow: :thumb322617333:

16. :iconincarnation982: :bulletwhite: Backpack Pony by incarnation982

17. :icondarkearthdragon: :bulletred: Soda Pop Girl by DarkEarthDragon

18. :icons0uleclipse: :bulletyellow: Candle Light by S0ulEclipse

19. :iconcyborgninja42: :bulletgreen:

20. :icondarkvinke: :bulletblue: Background pony by darkvinke

21. :iconvarleit: :bulletwhite: Apple Pod by Varleit

22. :icondracoamericanus: :bulletred: The Bernina Pony by DracoAmericanus

23. :iconserendipityducky: :bulletwhite: Subwoofer/Bass Wave pony by SerendipityDucky

24. :iconquila111: :bulletgreen: Adoptable Seven [CLOSED] by quila111

25. :iconneeko48: :bulletorange: Takashi Pony by Neeko48

26. :iconkittycutie11: :bulletblack: Fan Pony by kittycutie11

27. :iconcorruptedfiles: :bulletwhite: Crumpled Paper Pony by CorruptedFiles

28. :iconavianvnaiva: :bulletpink: Bath Time by AvianVnaivA

29. :iconpheonixxfoxx: :bulletyellow: Derpy's Stud Muffin by PheonixxFoxx

30. :icontothe-moon: :bulletblue:

31. :iconwhiteheather: :bulletred: Sewing Machine Pony by WhiteHeather

32. :iconriaayo: :bulletblack: My Little PC by Riaayo

33. :iconthurinus: :bulletred: Kalashnikova by thurinus

34. :iconakili-amethyst: :bulletwhite: Mr and Mrs Shaker by Akili-Amethyst

35. :iconmegankuli: :bulletpurple: :thumb324001287:

36. :iconblueacrylicfox: :bulletred: contest entry, Stopsign pony by BlueAcrylicFox

37. :iconpirateninjaassassin1: :bulletwhite:

38. :icon14dreamer: :bulletyellow: Fun with Play-Doh by 14Dreamer

39. :icondragonwolfrooke: :bulletred: I Am the Words :: Page Turner by DragonwolfRooke

40. :iconsaphraira: :bulletwhite: Contest entry photo by saphraira

41. :iconashurall: :bulletblack: Contest entry! by ashurall

42. :iconnazegoreng: :bulletblue: :thumb324239441:

43. :iconmylittlenickarette: :bulletyellow: :thumb324251853:

44. :iconhatsunera: :bulletpink: My Little Nintendo SIXty Four: Gaming is Magic by Hatsunera

45. :iconesuka: :bulletblue: A Leaf On The Wind by Esuka

46. :iconbonnie037: :bulletred: Contest Submission by Bonnie037

47. :iconglacierk: :bulletgreen: :thumb324922918:

48. :iconokapifeathers: :bulletblack: :thumb325004378:

49. :iconakaelin: :bulletorange: lump of coal by Akaelin

50. :iconmottsthedreamer: :bulletblack: :thumb325215074:

51. :iconcorralfur: :bulletwhite: Letter Pony by Corralfur

52. :iconfauxydingo92: :bulletpurple: Inanimate Object Pony by FauxyDingo92

53. :iconprivatepatty: :bulletwhite: Ms. Coffee by PrivatePatty

54. :iconiraecoal: :bulletorange: Yeah Toast by IraeCoal

55. :icontehfuzzyguy: :bulletred: Fireflytwinkletoes' MLP Contest Entry: Jack Trade by TehFUZZYguy

56. :iconsquishyelephant: :bulletblue: Printer Pony by Squishyelephant

57. :iconrosesandthorns: :bulletyellow: MLP:FIM Contest Entry by RosesAndThorns

58. :iconstariearth: :bulletred: Daruma OC Pony by stariearth

59. :iconyorkchop: :bulletpink: coral by yorkchop

60. :iconmoonlightcrafts: :bulletblack: Gaming is magic. by MoonlightCrafts

61. :iconneitheram: :bulletred: Cassette by Neitheram

62. :iconxdecemberxlovex: :bulletpink: Giftwrap OC - contest entry/new OC by xdecemberxlovex

63: :iconshadowshay: :bulletyellow: Sketch by ShadowShay

64. :iconreflera: :bulletpurple: ribbon poni by reflera

65. :iconoshiiryuu: :bulletwhite: Yarn'n'Button's The Ragdoll Pony by OshiiRyuu

66. :iconnsomniotic: :bulletyellow: Mine Cart Pony! by Nsomniotic

67. :iconwintersin: :bulletgreen: GM - A BoardGame Pony by WinterSin

68. :iconspectralpony: :bulletpink: Contest Entry - Donut Pony by SpectralPony

69. :iconharetrinity: :bulletblue: Air Freshener pony by HareTrinity

70. :iconphyllah: :bulletyellow: :thumb325474990:

71. :iconshiny-pebble: :bulletwhite: .: Herbal Ponies :. by shiny-pebble

72. :iconinurantchan: :bulletblack: Hoof-beat by Inurantchan

73. :iconizelyca: :bulletred: Acera by Izelyca

74. :icondominofeatherwolf: :bulletgreen: Contest entry-cell phone pony by DominoFeatherWolf

75. :iconjuugatsuhoshi: :bulletgreen: Willow Tree Pony by juugatsuhoshi

76. :iconsouffle-etc: :bulletorange:  

77. :iconwinterfalcon31: :bulletgreen: Miscast by winterfalcon31

78. :iconkingsmannoose: :bulletred: Surefire the pillow by kingsmannoose
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  • Playing: Diablo III
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PikaWolf18 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
My gosh, so many wonderful entries! The suspense is killing me, I wanna know who won :) There are a few in here that I think are really awesome designs and would probably be really hard for me to pick through!
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
I won't be able to judge them all myself - I'm going to turn the judging into somewhat of an event :D
PikaWolf18 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
So when will the judging be? :3
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
It'll start tonight :D
PikaWolf18 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012
kingsmannoose Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'd like to enter this [link]
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Haha, your entry doesn't exactly conform to the rules, but I'll take it :P
winterfalcon31 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Here's my entry, if I'm not too late. I hope I linked that right...

<img src="[link]" alt="Miscast" />
fireflytwinkletoes Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Got it, thanks :)
souffle-etc Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Here's my entry! [link]

this is an entry for *fireflytwinkletoes's THOUSAND WATCHER CONTEST!! (congrats, beeteedubs, for hitting the thousand watcher mark!)

So, I was trying to think of an inanimate object to make into a pony while I was having a cigarette... and so I thought of making the pony as a cigarette. Credit for the vector base goes to ~Crystic credit for the incredible illustration skills goes to mwah. moi.

I don't encourage smoking, although it works pretty well for me, so that's why "Smoking is bad, Okay?" is included with my pony. Her name is... Camella hahaha so original. And she was born because of dragon magic, which is why her horn is constantly glowing like it's on fire. Her campaign in life is to show other ponies how to be respectful of each other and she fronts a campaign against dragon smoke pollution. Yeah.. thinly veiled agenda for the win!

Good luck to everypony!
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